Sep 26, 2023  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creativity & the Arts

The Creativity and the Arts Constellation encourages students to explore the arts, creativity, design and innovation; to interrogate the basis of aesthetic judgments across time, place, and media; to formulate their own criteria for judgments attuned to differences of, for instance, social class,ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability, nationality, and/or to create and compose their own literary and artistic works.  Through interdisciplinary study, students will learn to connect the historical and creative context of works in the arts.

ART 204 Survey of Western Art I  
ART 205 Survey of Western Art II  
ART 215 Drawing I 
ART 231 Concepts of Design 
ART 232 Concepts of Figure Drawing  
ART 233 Concepts of Painting 
ART 234 Concepts of Sculpture  
ART 235 Concepts of Computer Graphics 
ART 245 Film Photography  
ART 246 Digital Photography  
ART 388 History of Photography 
ART 389 History of Graphic Design 
ART 390 Art of the Classical World  
ART 391 Nineteenth-Century Art  
ART 394 The Modernist Impulse: Art 1900-1950 
ART 395 Pop Art and After  
CRW 275 Playwriting 
CRW 372 Poetry Writing 
CRW 373 Creative Nonfiction 
CRW 377 Screenwriting II 
CRW 382 Fiction Writing    
HIS 399 Special Topics in Public History  
HUM 210 Studies in Criticism and Theory  
LIT 243 Poetry and Poetics  
LIT 323 Shakespeare I  
LIT 324 Shakespeare II  
LIT 381 Literary Theory  
MUS 286 Jazz History 
MUS 296 History of Musical Theatre  
PHL 351 Philosophy and the Arts  
PHL 395 Philosophy and Film  
THE 215 Acting  
THE 275 Playwriting 
THE 310 British Theatre: History & Performance  
THE 320 Scene Design  
THE 321 Lighting Design  
THE 322 Costume Design