Nov 30, 2023  
2023-2024 Graduate and Professional Programs Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate and Professional Programs Catalog


Admissions Policy

It is the policy of York College of Pennsylvania to grant admission to qualified applicants in accord with the Collegeʼs nondiscrimination policy. The College endeavors to admit students whose records indicate that they possess the qualities needed to achieve academic success in the program they intend to pursue. York seeks students who are strongly motivated to excel in a graduate or professional program and who are prepared to accept and fulfill such responsibilities. Applicants for admission must present academic records and standardized test scores (when required) which the College believes demonstrate achievement and ability commensurate with curricular expectations. Additional admission requirements specific to each graduate and professional program area are outlined in this publicationʼs section for that program.

Inclusivity Statement

York College of Pennsylvania aims to provide access to high-quality education.  To reach our mission, we value bringing different voices together to share their strengths.  In this diverse environment, when we create a sense of belonging and equity, we enrich the learning experience and better serve our local and global communities.

As such, York College of Pennsylvania:

  • Welcomes and recognizes diversity in all of its forms and expressions.
  • Encourages civil conversations across our campus to promote understanding.
  • Stands up against prejudice and injustice in our college community.
  • Advocates for the well-being and dignity of our community members.
  • Enables marginalized identities to be their authentic selves.


Applicants are notified after all credentials have been received and evaluated by the appropriate graduate level office.  Applicants who are offered admission are then encouraged to pay the registration deposit as soon as possible so that they can begin the advising and class registration process.

Admission of International Students

On-Campus Programs

York College welcomes applications from international students.  International students must apply for admission as a full time student and have all credentials forwarded to the appropriate graduate office by a preferred May 1 deadline for the fall semester and a preferred September 1 deadline for the spring semester (contact Graduate Nursing Department for their individual program dates).  Applicants must provide an official copy of all academic transcripts along with a credential evaluation from an approved evaluating agency. In addition to fulfilling the requirements stated under admissions procedures, international students must submit satisfactory scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). English language test scores are waived for students that speak English as their native language or have completed 30+ college credits at a United States college or university.  The following information is required prior to issuance of an I-20 AB Form by the designated school official:

  • A complete International Financial Certification Form
  • Evidence of available funds for the duration of studies
  • SEVIS status verification form, if currently attending a college or university in the United States on an F-1 student status

Online Programs

International students who wish to enroll in one of our online programs and who do not require an F-1 Visa are welcome to apply, however, international students requiring an F-1 visa are not permitted to enroll in degree programs that are offered completely online. 

Early Entrance / 4+1

Some graduate degree programs at York College of Pennsylvania admit highly motivated undergraduates to the program as Early Entrance Candidates. Accepted Early Entrance Candidates may enroll in up to twelve credits of graduate coursework following their completion of 75 credits of undergraduate coursework. These courses will contribute to the credit total required for the undergraduate degree, as well as meet requirements for the graduate degree. Graduate courses taken by undergraduate students may be applied to undergraduate program course requirements  as substitutions if approved as course substitutions by the department chair of the affected undergraduate program. Tuition for these courses is billed at the undergraduate rate or included in the full-time tuition rate, if applicable. Early Entrance Candidates shall be governed by the policies of the Undergraduate Student Handbook and Catalog in instances where the Graduate and Professional Programs Catalog differs.

  • An undergraduate student may apply for admission once 75 credits have been completed, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. This is typically in the spring semester of the junior year. A recommendation must be satisfactorily completed by the applicant’s undergraduate advisor, confirming their viability as a Graduate Early Entrance Candidate.
  • Interested students should complete and submit the online Early Entrance Application.
  • Upon admission as an Early Entrance Candidate, a student meets with the program director affiliated with their selected graduate program, who will, in consultation with the student’s undergraduate academic advisor, determine how the graduate courses fit into the students undergraduate program and help design a program of study.
  • Transfer students may apply for admission to the Graduate Early Entrance (4+1) program when they have completed 75 total credits, 15 of which were completed at York College.
  • Students who have already earned one baccalaureate degree, and are pursuing a second degree, are not eligible for the Graduate Early Entrance (4+1) program.
  • Students who are admitted as Graduate Early-Entrance (4+1) candidates may complete up to 12 credits of graduate coursework while enrolled in their baccalaureate program.  These credits will be included in the undergraduate credit total and could be applied to the undergraduate curriculum as free electives or as program requirements, pending approval from the student’s department chair.
  • Graduate credits completed by Graduate Early-Entrance (4+1) candidates will be considered undergraduate credits for billing purposes.
  • Students admitted as Graduate Early-Entrance (4+1) candidates who wish to continue their studies in the graduate program will apply to the program of their choice following their baccalaureate graduation.  Candidates must meet the entrance requirements for their desired program to receive full admission.

Transfer Credit Policies

In accordance with AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers) guidelines, transfer credits will be awarded as they are comparable and appropriate to the academic programs of York College. York College reviews courses for transfer credit for all modes of delivery from all nationally and regionally accredited institutions. Transfer credit is posted from official transcript(s) only. See the college’s Official College Transcripts Policy for more information. Transfer credit is posted for students who have matriculated to the college. We cannot award transfer credit after degree completion or if a student is no longer matriculated with the college. Lab sciences without the lecture portion do not transfer. Students cannot receive transfer credit for a course that has already been taken at York College. York College awards credit but not quality points for transfer work. Transfer grades are not computed into the cumulative grade point average.

The following conditions for the transfer of these credits apply:

Official graduate transcripts from another institution must be submitted at the time of application. Transfer credits will be evaluated by the program director responsible for the program in which the student is admitted. Only courses where a grade of “3” or better is earned will be eligible for transfer.

Students may transfer no more than:

  • 9 credits of the 500-level or above courses into graduate programs offered within the Graham School of Business.
  • 9 credits of the 500-level or above courses into the Master of Education program which have been taken within the past ten years
  • 9 credits of the 500-level or above courses into the Master of Public Policy and Administration program which have been taken within the past ten years.
  • 6 credits or 2 courses of the 500-level or above courses into the Master of Science in Nursing program.

RN-BSN Admissions

Students must provide proof of a valid RN license.  Once proof of licensure is provided, admitted students will be awarded 56 prior learning experience credits for prelicensure nursing and science courses.  For other transfer credits, a maximum of 75 credits will be accepted from two-year colleges credits from a four-year schools will be accepted until a cap of 90 total credits is reached. However, regardless of the number of credits brought in, students must complete the last 30 uninterrupted credit hours at York College to meet the residency rule and be eligible for a degree.  The 120 total credits must also be met with additional general elective courses if the student brings in less than 90 credits.

Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree from York College should discuss their specific requirements with their advisor.

Courses transferring as electives (1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX) may transfer as specific courses. Please see the appropriate academic department for further information if you believe that these elective courses are equivalent to a York College course.

The following courses will not transfer:

  • Grades of less than 2.0, Pass/Fail, “NC”, “D”, “F”, “W”, “Inc”, “Au” or “In Progress”
  • Continuing education units (CEU’s)
  • Technical courses such as agriculture, electronics, drafting, dental hygiene, paralegal, EMT, etc
  • Remedial courses typically numbered from 000 to 099 and include English, math, reading, and study skills courses.

If the Advanced Placement and/or CLEP credits are listed on another college’s transcript for credit, we require an official copy of the score reports for York College to evaluate.

Off Campus Study Approval

Current York College students who desire to take courses at another institution prior to beginning their last 30 credits must secure prior approval from their academic advisor and the program director. Off-Campus Study Approval forms are available on the website, academic advisor, and the Registrar’s Office.

Students desiring to pursue summer course work or additional work at another accredited institution must secure written approval from their academic advisor and the Registrar’s Office prior to beginning the work in order for the credits to transfer into York College.

In order to receive transfer credit from courses at other accredited institutions, a student must receive a grade of “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better. Credit hours for these courses may be transferred, but grades and quality points will not transfer. Students may not repeat a course off-campus that has already been taken at York College. Students are reminded that they must complete the last 30 credit hours of their program of study as coursework at York College. In general, if a student wishes to take courses at another institution, it is wise to work closely with an advisor and register for lower-division courses since most majors require students to take their upper-division courses in their major as coursework at York College.

Transfer credits will carry no grades or quality points; thus, these credits will not be used in calculating students’ grade point averages.