Jan 22, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Creativity and Culture: How People Construct and Transform Society

Consider how the work of artists, designers, innovators, cultural influencers, and other creators shapes and is shaped by historical, social, political, cultural, and media contexts.

ART 204 Survey of Western Art I  
ART 205 Survey of Western Art II  
ART 215 Drawing I    
ART 246 Digital Photography    
ART 394 The Modernist Impulse: Art 1900-1950  
CRW 372 Poetry Writing 
CRW 373 Creative Nonfiction 
CRW 377 Screenwriting II  
CRW 382 Fiction Writing     
ENT 350 Creativity and Innovation  
FLM 220 Film History        
HIS 303 Museum Studies  
HIS 476 Film and History /HIS 477 Film and History  
LIT 393 Literature and Film  
MUS 287 American Popular Music  
MUS 288 History of Rock and Roll  
MUS 296 History of Musical Theatre  
PHL 331 Philosophy and Reality  
PHL 351 Philosophy and the Arts  
PHL 395 Philosophy and Film  
SPM 230 Concepts of Social Media Platforms  
THE 215 Acting  
THE 275 Playwriting  
THE 310 British Theatre: History & Performance