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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership and Professional Development

The Leadership and Professional Development Constellation will investigate the philosophical and practical foundations that guide professionals in various disciplines, fields, and contexts.  Through interdisciplinary study, students will rigorously examine concepts of leadership and professionalism, as well as the skills involved in motivating and managing human activities in a number diverse contexts, past and present.

BUS 350 Management of Not-for-Profit Operations  
ENT 350 Creativity and Innovation  
FRN 203 French for Business  
G 331 Urban Land Use & Sustainability  
GRM 203 German for Business  
HIS 330 History of Britain I  
HIS 331 History of Britain II  
HIS 352 The Revolutionary Era in America  
HIS 363 Coming of the Civil War 1846-1861  
HIS 364 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877  
HIS 371 American Constitutionalism (I): Structures of Government  
HIS 463 /PS 463 Policy and History in York, Pennsylvania  
HSV 355 Program Design and Evaluation  
IBS 395 International Business Experience  
LIT 285 Classical to Early Modern European Literature  
MGT 225 Organizational Behavior  
MGT 380 Leadership and Change in Organizations  
MUS 297 Survey of Music Industry  
PHL 341 Ethics  
PHL 342 Professional Ethics  
PS 305 Parties, Campaigns, and Elections  
PS 312 Politics of Public Policy  
PS 313 Political Psychology  
PS 314 Public Opinion  
PS 371 American Constitutionalism (I): Structures of Government  
REC 205 Foundations of Outdoor Leadership  
REC 305 Outdoor/Adventure Leadership Programming  
SOC 310 Sociology of Organizations  
SOC 436 Applied Volunteer Management  
SPM 230 Concepts of Social Media Platforms  
SPM 300 International Sport and Entertainment  
THE 221 Production Management  
THE 300 Arts Administration 
WRT 290 Teaching and Tutoring Writing I  
WRT 305 Rhetorical Theory  
WRT 321 Document Design: Theory and Practice