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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The Globalization Constellation encourages appreciation of the world’s diverse languages, cultures, values and practices and recognizes the common and intertwined issues that societies across the globe face.  Students will develop comparative perspectives of the political, social, economic, environmental and cultural dimensions of those issues, including their interconnectedness.  Through interdisciplinary study, students will rigorously examine how their lives are affected by globalization and how knowledge from their own personal background and academic disciplines may contribute to global solutions.

BIO 218 Plants and People  
FRN 303 French Culture/Civilization  
G 330 Migrants, Crossings and Voyages: Migration Past Present  
G 332 Globalizing Economic World 
G 348 Cultures and Environments Field Series  
G 349 Cultures and Environments Field Series   
GRM 305 German Culture and Civilization  
HIS 331 History of Britain II  
HIS 333 British Empire  
HIS 350 American Colonial History (1607-1760)  
HIS 362 Human Trafficking and Slavery, Then and Now 
HIS 367 Recent America, 1945-Present  
HIS 393 /PS 303 American Foreign Policy  
HSP 365 International Cuisine & Culture    
IBS 401 International Economics  
LIT 286 Modern to Postmodern European Literature  
LIT 381 Literary Theory  
LIT 389 Postcolonial Theory   
MUS 281 World Music  
NUR 385 Comparative Health Care  
PHL 343 Ethical Issues in Peace and Conflict 
PHL 347 Philosophy of Law   
PS 308 International Political Economy  
PS 406 International Peace and Security  
PSC 202/203 Sustainability: Linking Science and Society  
REL 270 Tradition and Culture of Judaism  
REL 275 Tradition and Culture of Christianity  
SPN 307 Tradition and Change in Spain 
SPN 308 Tradition and Change in Spanish America