Aug 01, 2021  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Media and Popular Culture

The Media and popular Culture Constellation explores how media and popular culture, from film, to music, to sports, to art, to social media, to mass media, suffuse daily life.  Through interdisciplinary study, students learn to examine and critique how media and popular culture function in, share, and are in turn shaped by, contemporary society, politics, and culture.

CRW 380 Literary Publishing  
FLM 220 Film History  
HIS 409 The Middle Ages in Film 
HIS 422 Holocaust in Film  
HUM 300 Science Fiction  
LIT 270 Young Adult Literature  
LIT 324 Shakespeare II  
LIT 373 Comic Books and Graphic Novels  
LIT 391 Literature of Terror 
LIT 393 Literature and Film  
LIT 395 Fantasy Literature  
MUS 245 Exploring Music in Film  
MUS 287 American Popular Music 
MUS 288 History of Rock and Roll  
MUS 296 History of Musical Theatre 
MUS 297 Survey of Music Industry  
PHL 321 Philosophy and Knowledge  
PHL 331 Philosophy and Reality  
PHL 351 Philosophy and the Arts  
PHL 395 Philosophy and Film  
PS 315 Politics and the News Media  
REL 368 Religion, Society, and Culture  
SPM 230 Concepts of Social Media Platforms  
SPM 300 International Sport and Entertainment  
THE 310 British Theatre: History & Performance  
WRT 320 Digital Writing: Theory and Practice