May 25, 2020  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Big Ideas

BIO 234 (BIO120) Evolution and Biodiversity  
FRN 315 French Literature I 
FRN 316 French Literature II  
GRM 315 German Literature I 
GRM 316 German Literature II  
HIS 320 Europe after 1914 
HIS 330 History of Britain I and II   
HIS 352 The Revolutionary Era in America  
HUM 210 Studies in Criticism and Theory 
HIS 421 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust  
LIT 285 Classical to Early Modern European Literature  
LIT 286 Modern to Postmodern European Literature  
LIT 323 Shakespeare I  
LIT 324 Shakespeare II   
LIT 380 Major Authors and Literary Traditions  
LIT 381 Literary Theory  
PHL 321 Philosophy and Knowledge 
PHL 351 Philosophy and the Arts  
PHL 380 Women, Gender, and Philosophy 
PHL 383 Philosophy of Religion 
PS 361 American Political Thought  
PS 368 Ancient Political Thought 
PS 369 Modern Political Thought  
PSC 302 Mysteries of the Quantum World  
PSY 440 Personality  
REL 270 Tradition and Culture of Judaism 
REL 275 Tradition and Culture of Christianity  
SPN 315 Introduction to the Literature of Spain 
SPN 316 Introduction to the Literature of Spanish America   
WRT 305 Rhetorical Theory 
WRT 341 History of Women’s Rhetorics