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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Spanish, B.A.

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The Spanish major at York College is an applied language major that provides the student the opportunity to become proficient in the language and to select an area of concentration from a wide range of disciplines. This program recognizes the increasing demand in nearly every industry for individuals who are competent in Spanish. The primary emphasis in this major is the acquisition of Spanish language proficiency, the appreciation of Spanish and Spanish-American literature, and the understanding of the many cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. The secondary emphasis is on applying this knowledge by choosing a minor in which the student plans to use Spanish in the future. Students may also choose to pursue a double major by combining Spanish with another field. Through their choices in courses, Spanish majors have the flexibility to construct a unique interdisciplinary program that best suits their needs and interests.

Students are required to either complete an independent research project or participate in an internship that serves as a capstone experience in this program. The study abroad requirement is an essential component to experiencing the Spanish language and Hispanic culture firsthand. While a full semester abroad is recommended, participation in a brief, intensive immersion program abroad is also an option.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the major, the career direction of graduates from this program varies considerably. Students may wish to pursue graduate studies or enter careers and industries such as: international relations, social services, public relations, or business, and many more.

Spanish, B.A. Learning Outcomes  

Degree Requirements

Institutional Degree Requirements  

Program-Specific Degree Requirements: To be eligible for graduation, students majoring in Spanish must complete at least six elective credits in Spanish in an approved study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country.

General Education Requirement

First Year Seminar

Foundation Requirements

Communication course:

Choose 3 credits of the following Advanced Communication courses:

Choose 3 credits of the following Quantitative Fluency courses:

Global Citizenship course:

  • Satisfied by major (6 credits of the same foreign language)

Disciplinary Perspectives Requirements

Choose 3 credits of the following Arts courses:

Choose 3 credits of the following Social and Behavioral Sciences courses:

Choose 3 credits of the following Natural and Physical Sciences courses:

Constellation Requirements

The Constellation requirement is met when a student completes four courses from a minimum of three disciplines within the Constellation requirements. Students who transfer in 60 credits or more at the time of admission to the college will be waived from the Constellation requirement, except for Education majors. The waiver applies to the requirement for graduation but does not waive the credits to graduate; students need to meet the overall bachelor’s degree credit requirement.

Required Courses

Spanish Electives

Students must complete 9 credits of Spanish Electives.  At least 6 of the 9 elective Spanish elective credits must be in an approved program of study abroad. These need not be completed in the same semester or the same program. The remaining 3 credits may be completed on campus.

Minor Electives

Students must complete 18 credits of Minor Electives. The student will complete the requirements for a minor of his/her choice. If the student has chosen to double major, requirements of the minor will be satisfied in this area by that major’s requirements.

General Elective Courses

Students must complete 15 credits of free elective courses.

Suggested Course Sequence

Freshman Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester (15 credits)

Spring Semester (15 credits)

  • 3 credit hours
  • Foundations - Quantitative Fluency course 3 credit hours
  • Disciplinary Perspectives - Social/Behavioral Sciences course 3 credit hours
  • Elective course 3 credit hours
  • Elective course 3 credit hours

Sophomore Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester (15 credits)

Spring Semester (15 credits)

Junior Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester (15 credits)

Spring Semester (15 credits)

Senior Year (30 credits)

Fall Semester (15 credits)

Spring Semester (15 credits)

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