Mar 09, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog


Through Interdisciplinary study, students will rigorously examine how social, cultural, and biological categories of sameness and difference are made and unmade and how they function within diverse human contexts.  The Diversity Constellation will allow students to address a series of complex questions:  How and why are we similar and/or different?  How are similarities and differences understood among human populations?  How do we respond to and analyze sameness and difference?  How do categories of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, class, age, and ability shape our understandings of sameness and difference?  What are other categories that shape how we understand sameness and difference?  What are the consequences of these understandings of sameness and difference at the social, political, cultural, and/or economic level?

FRN 303 French Culture/Civilization 
G 330 Migrants, Crossings and Voyages: Migration Past Present  
GER 215 Social Aspects of Aging  
GRM 305 German Culture and Civilization  
HIS 333 British Empire   
HIS 350 American Colonial History (1607-1760)  
HIS 362 Human Trafficking and Slavery, Then and Now  
HIS 363 Coming of the Civil War 1846-1861  
HIS 364 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877  
HIS 370 History of Alcohol and Drugs in American Life  
HIS 372 American Constitutionalism (II): Civil Rights and Liberties  
HIS 388 Race and Racism in the Americas  
HIS 390 /WGS 342 Women in the United States: A History  
HIS 391 /WGS 340 Women and War   
HIS 401 The Vikings  
HIS 403 The European Witch Craze  
HIS 421 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust  
HIS 460 The Civil Rights Movement  
HSP 365 International Cuisine & Culture  
IBS 395 International Business Experience  
LIT 344 Love and Sex in Literature  
LIT 346 Literature and Society  
LIT 382 Women Writers 
MUS 281 World Music  
MUS 287 American Popular Music 
MUS 288 History of Rock and Roll  
PHL 224 Being Human  
PHL 383 Philosophy of Religion  
PHL 341 Ethics  
PHL 380 Women, Gender, and Philosophy  
PS 304 American-East Asian Relations  
PS 372 American Constitutionalism (II): Civil Rights and Liberties  
PSY 230 Abnormal Psychology  
PSY 440 Personality  
REC 200 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation  
REL 270 Tradition and Culture of Judaism  
REL 275 Tradition and Culture of Christianity  
REL 381 Women and Religion  
SOC 220 American Social Problems  
SOC 225 /WGS 225 The Family  
SOC 260 Gender and Society  
SOC 315 Ethnic and Minority Relations  
SOC 330 Sociology of Religion  
SPN 307 Tradition and Change in Spain  
SPN 308 Tradition and Change in Spanish America  
WGS 381 Women and Religion  
WGS 382 Women Writers  
WRT 341 History of Women’s Rhetorics