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2012-2013 Graduate Studies Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration

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By integrating academic theory with real-world relevance, the MBA Program at York College is committed to preparing students for advancement in both the private and public sectors of the global economy, delivering innovative business education convenient for working professionals. Our faculty is devoted to providing learning opportunities for students that develops the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to become effective, socially responsible business and community leaders. We strive to inspire curiosity, develop strategic thinking, and help build ethical and creative business leaders. The MBA Program embraces an ethos dedicated to the continued acquisition of knowledge and the pursuit of the intellectual ideal.

Objectives and Goals

The MBA programʼs objectives are viewed as a graduate-level extension of the institutionʼs goals:

  • To provide an opportunity for students to pursue a graduate-level business administration degree.
  • To meet the needs of students who seek an integrated program for development as a professional manager and leader.
  • To assist students in developing the managerial responsibilities of policy formulation, problem solving, decision making, and leadership.
  • To provide an opportunity for exceptional undergraduate students to begin graduate study in their senior year.
  • To provide opportunities for students to build a solid base for continuous self-development as a practicing manager in their field of specialization.
  • To further the studentʼs professional network through meaningful interaction with professors, student colleagues and captains of industry.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at York College serves the needs of working professionals, by offering all courses during evening hours, Monday through Thursday and Saturday. The program was established in 1977 and has held national accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs since 1998.

Types of Admission

  1. Regular Degree Candidate
    Students who have satisfactorily met all business fundamental requirements through previous academic coursework and have submitted satisfactory test results for the Graduate Management Admissions Test are eligible for regular admission as matriculated degree candidates. To be accepted as a degree candidate, applicants must:
    1. Have earned a 2.0 or higher in undergraduate coursework that fulfills foundational business knowledge. This coursework includes:
      Financial Accounting
      Managerial Accounting
      Macro Economics
      Micro Economics
      Principles of Management
      Principles of Marketing
      Business Law
      Business Ethics
      International Business
      Business Statistics I & II
    2. Achieve 1000 admission points based on the following formula: 200 times the cumulative undergraduate grade point average (UGPA) plus the GMAT score taken within the last 5 years: (200 X UGPA) + GMAT => 1000 points. The UGPA is the average (on a 0.00 - 4.00 scale) of those courses completed by the applicant to earn their first baccalaureate degree. For applicants who have taken the GMAT more than once, the highest GMAT score attained by the applicant is used in the admission formula. Applicants who have already earned a graduate degree do not have to fulfill this requirement.
    3. York College Business alumni within 3 years of receiving their bachelorʼs degree in a business discipline with a 3.4 UGPA are waived from the GMAT requirement. They may apply for and will be granted Regular admission.

      Students who apply for Regular Degree status but lack adequate academic preparation may be admitted conditionally in order to complete this prerequisite coursework.
  2. Conditional Admission
    Conditional status is required in situations where students do not have fundamental coursework that is prerequisite to beginning graduate level study in business. These students may have not yet taken the GMAT. Conditionally admitted students must complete the fundamental business courses and take the GMAT. Students must earn a grade of 2.0 or higher in any foundation requirements. Upon completing this coursework, results of the GMAT must be available so that a studentʼs admission status can be reviewed. A conditional student may convert to regular degree candidate status by successfully taking the GMAT and subsequently achieving 1000 admission points based on the following formula:

(100 x cumulative undergraduate grade point average)
+ (100 x cumulative graduate grade point average)
+ GMAT______________________________________
=> 1000 points

GMAT scores are retrieved electronically by the MBA Office. Conditional students must notify the MBA Office with the date of their test once completed.

A student is limited to two (2) attempts in earning the needed total score on the GMAT in order to continue their enrollment in the MBA Program.

  1. Non-Degree Student
    A non-degree student is one who is not pursuing the MBA degree and taking only those graduate-level courses that meet his/her professional development or personal needs. Individuals enrolled in a master’s program elsewhere who wish to take a course to be transferred to another college or university should also apply for non-degree admission status.

Application Procedures

Application for admission to the MBA program may be made for the fall, spring, or summer sessions. To be considered for admission, applications must received by the MBA Office by July 15 for fall semester admission; November 15 for spring semester admission; or April 15 for the summer session.

  1. A Graduate Studies Application should be completed and submitted online.
  2. Official transcripts of all completed undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate studies. Undergraduate transcripts must verify that the applicant has been awarded a baccalaureate degree.
  3. For applicants applying for Regular Admission: An official transcript of scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) taken no more than five years prior to the proposed admission date.
    (NOTE: GMAT scores are not required with application for the following:
    • applicants for conditional admission,
    • non-degree students,
    • an alumnus of York College with a business degree who earned their degree with a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.4 or higher,
    • any individual who currently holds an advanced academic degree from an accredited institution, and
    • current York College undergraduates applying to the MBA Dual Degree program.

      Information about the GMAT can be obtained by visiting Applicants who have already taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) may submit their official score report for consideration. If such scores are below the 60th percentile, the applicant may be required to take the GMAT.
  4. Other materials that may be deemed necessary by the MBA Committee. Applicants who have an undergraduate grade point average below 3.0 may be required to meet with the MBA Director for an admissions interview. Requests for additional materials are typically limited to applicants who seek acceptance of transfer credits or completion of one or more courses as a conditional student.

Dual Degree Student

The MBA program at York College admits highly motivated undergraduates to the MBA Dual Degree program. Upon admission complete the requirements for their bachelorʼs degree and enroll in up to 3 MBA courses (9 credits) during their senior year. These credits may count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. Tuition for these courses is billed at the undergraduate rate.

Admission Procedures for the Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate students may apply for admission when they have satisfactorily completed at least 75 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher. Normally, this is the spring of the junior year. This would allow the student to begin their graduate work in the fall of the senior year (or the summer prior to the senior year). Students who are completing a major outside of business may be admitted under conditional status to complete up to 9 credits of MBA Foundation Courses (MBA501-505) required to become a matriculated MBA student.

Transfer students may apply for admission to the Dual Degree program when they have accumulated 75 total credits and have successfully completed 15 credits at York College. Students who have already earned one baccalaureate degree (but may be pursuing a second degree or second major) are not eligible for the Dual Degree program.

Students interested in applying to the MBA Dual Degree Program, should complete and submite the online Graduate Studies Application accompanied by the required nonrefundable application fee.

Application of Graduate Courses to the Undergraduate Curriculum

Upon admission to the Dual Degree program, students meet with an MBA Advisor, who will help them design a program of study that meets their needs. The student, their undergraduate academic advisor will work with the MBA Office to determine how the graduate courses fit into the studentʼs undergraduate program.

Academic Requirements

Once accepted into the Dual Degree program, students are required to maintain a 3.0 average in all courses (both graduate and undergraduate) taken while in the Dual Degree program. Students who do not earn at least a 3.0 GPA while enrolled as an MBA Dual Degree student,will be withdrawn from the Dual Degree program. Undergraduate students withdrawn from the program may apply to the MBA program after receiving the baccalaureate degree. They must meet all admission requirements.

Tuition for Dual Degree Program

Undergraduate students enrolled in the Dual Degree program are eligible to take up to nine graduate credits (three courses) as part of the undergraduate curriculum which will be included as part of the undergraduate tuition. Once the student has completed 3 graduate courses or earns the baccalaureate degree, all subsequent MBA courses are billed at the graduate tuition rate.

Program-specific Policies and Procedures

MBA Orientation

All newly admitted students (regular, conditional and dual degree) must attend an MBA New Student Orientation. Students admitted for the summer or fall semester should attend the program held in the fall of each year. Those admitted for the spring term should attend the January orientation. Information about the orientation accompanies official notice of your acceptance as an MBA student at York College.

Continuous Enrollment Policy for MBA Students

Upon acceptance into the graduate program, the student must maintain enrollment in each semester, excluding summer sessions, by either:

  1. enrolling in one or more graduate courses; or,
  2. registering for a Continuous Enrollment and paying the fee.

Failure to maintain Continuous Enrollment status by either one of the two methods will automatically discontinue the studentʼs enrollment in the masterʼs program. A student may maintain the Continuous Enrollment status by paying the Continuous Enrollment fee for no more than two consecutive semesters, excluding summer sessions. The student must then enroll in one or more graduate courses for credit or the student will be discontinued from the MBA program. A student who does not maintain Continuous Enrollment status or who is discontinued must reapply for admission to the graduate program when reactivation is desired. The program of study required to earn the degree will change to the requirements prevailing at the time of readmission.

Students who are enrolled in a course off campus in the fall or spring semester must also register for Continuous Enrollment (MBA500) in that semester.

Course Load

A full-time student is one enrolled in 9 or more MBA credits during a fall or spring semester. In determining appropriate course load per academic session, the working student should consider that each MBA course entails, on average, approximately three hours of out-of-class study for each hour of in-class time. The following are general guidelines:

Hours Employed Per Week   Suggested Credits Per Semester
10-20 9-12
21-40 6-9
Over 40 3-6

The normal full-time load is 9 credits per semester. A student wishing to enroll in more than 9 credits needs permission from his or her graduate advisor.

Courses Taken at Other Institutions

Transfer courses/credits: The MBA Program will consider up to nine (9) credits earned by a degree candidate student at another accredited graduate institution in partial fulfillment of the graduate degree requirements at the time of admission.

Off Campus Study

Students enrolled in the MBA Program are expected to complete the coursework to fulfill their degree requirements through coursework completed at York College. This coursework is outlined in the Graduate Studies Catalog and further defined in a studentʼs Program of Study.

Off campus study requests will be considered when:

  • Students who desire to pursue graduate coursework in topics not offered in the York College MBA Program or who cannot identify a graduate faculty member available to oversee a Directed Study. These courses can be utilized to fulfill up to nine (9) credits of electives required to complete the MBA degree.
  • Special circumstances (i.e. job transfers, medical) that prevent a student from completing their degree requirements at York College.

Students desiring to pursue coursework at another institution must (1) have met regular admission status, (2) be in good academic standing, and (3) have secured written approval from the MBA Director prior to beginning the work in order for the credits to transfer into York College.

Off campus study request forms are available in the MBA Office, the Registrarʼs Office and the Evening Resource Center in Campbell Hall. In order to receive transfer credit from courses completed at other institutions, a student must receive a grade of “B” (3.0) or better. Credit hours for these courses are transferred, but grades and quality points will not transfer.

Students who are approved for Off-Campus Study must enroll in MBA 500 Continuous Enrollment during any fall or spring semester to retain their admission status.

Please refer questions to the MBA Office, (717) 815-1491.

Change of MBA Concentration

A student who decides to change his or her concentration may do so by contacting the MBA Office in writing. When a change of concentration is made, the student must follow the degree requirements in the program of study at the time he or she has declared the new concentration.

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