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2012-2013 Graduate Studies Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Tuition and fees are payable prior to the beginning of each session according to the published due dates. No student may enter class until payment or arrangements for payment have been made. No reduction in tuition or fees is made for late registration. Grades or transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations have been met.

Information on Graduate tuition and fees may be found at

Master’s Program Tuition  (per credit hour) $695

Doctorate Program Tuition (per credit hour) $817


For students enrolling in 8 or fewer credits, the following fees will be charged:

  General Fee $350  
  Late Registration Fee $20**  

For students enrolling in 9 or more credits, the following fees will be charged:

  General Fee $740  
  Student Senate Fee $70  
  Late Registration Fee $35**  

For the Doctor of Nursing Practice program, the following fees will be charged:

  Doctoral Fee $740  

** Late Registration Fee: An applicant who has been admitted to a graduate program but has not registered during the regularly scheduled registration period may enroll late during the first week of an academic session. The late fee will be charged.

Continuous Enrollment Fee: $50

The Continuous Enrollment Fee is payable through the period of late registration for York College during the regular semester.

Graduation Application Fee: $60  (Late Graduate Degree Fee $85)

The Graduation Application Fee must accompany the Application to Graduate, available in the Records Office, or by telephoning the department for your Graduate Studies Program.

Withdrawals and Refund Policy

Tuition deposits are nonrefundable as administrative fees. Withdrawals prior to the first day of the semester will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees as charged. The deposit will be held. To review the complete Refund Policy, go on line to

Failure to attend class, merely giving notice to instructors, or telephoning, will not be considered as an official withdrawal and will result in receiving a failing grade for the course. Students who do not officially withdraw are still responsible for payment of tuition and fees. A Records and Registrarʼs Office change form must be obtained and returned to the Registrarʼs Office. Fees are not refundable after the first week of school. Tuition refunds will not be processed after the fourth week. Please consult the Business Affairs website for details.

Graduate Financial Assistance

Graduate students are eligible to participate in the Federal Stafford Loan (Stafford) program. You must be a degree candidate. Federal regulations specify that federal financial aid recipients must be US citizens, US nationals or eligible non-citizens. Need will determine how much of the loan is accruing interest while you are in school (unsubsidized portion), and how much of the loan is not accruing interest while you are in school (subsidized).

A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filed annually to establish eligibility for the Stafford Loan. More information is available by visiting

Employer Reimbursement

Many employers reimburse educational expenses of their employees. Contact the Human Resources Office where you are employed for more information.


Two scholarship funds are available to MBA students who have been accepted as degree candidates:

The Susquehanna-Pfaltzgraff Foundation Scholarship Fund

This scholarship sponsors the George C. Hyde, Jr., Honorary Award, in honor of Mr. Hyde who was the first 4.0 average MBA graduate of York College. The partial tuition scholarship is available to current or prospective students in need of financial assistance. Need is established through results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Both forms must be submitted by March 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester. Forms are available in the Financial Aid Office in the Miller Administration Building.

The George D. Everhart Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available to a current or prospective student who is a resident of York County and a graduate of an accredited college. Preference is given to one pursuing an MBA as a full-time student who shows promise for success in a business profession.

Undergraduate academic excellence is a prime consideration; financial need is not a criterion. The recipient must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 to have the award continued for the succeeding terms. To apply, the student should secure an application form from the MBA Office (BA-203) and submit the completed application to the MBA Director by April 15 for fall applications and November 15 for spring applications.