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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Admissions Policy

York College endeavors to admit students whose records indicate that they possess the qualities needed to achieve success in the academic program they intend to pursue. York seeks students who are strongly motivated to excel in college, and who are prepared to accept and fulfill collegiate responsibilities. York College of Pennsylvania grants admission to qualified applicants in accordance with the College’s non-discrimination policy. An applicant who fulfills admission requirements is given every possible consideration given the capacity limits of our housing and classroom facilities.

Applicants for admission must have graduated from an approved secondary school or have earned a state equivalency diploma prior to their enrollment at York College. Applicants must present academic records and standardized test scores that the College believes demonstrate achievement and ability commensurate with curricular expectations.

In general, the applicant’s secondary school program should include a minimum of the following units: four in English; three in social studies; three in academic math (including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry); three in laboratory science; and two in foreign languages. Admission decisions are based on high school performance and SAT or ACT scores, as well as the personal character and qualities of the applicant. Minimum acceptable SAT or ACT score standards are established at the beginning of every academic year.

York College reserves the right to deny acceptance if it is deemed necessary in the interests of public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedom of others.

Admissions Procedures

Students seeking admission to York College from secondary school should follow these recommended procedures:

  1. Submit a freshman application on line early in the senior year at www.ycp.edu/apply. This form must be completed in its entirety and according to the stated instructions.
  2. Submit an official transcript of secondary school grades.
  3. Take the SAT or the ACT college admissions test by January of the senior year. Information about the examination may be obtained on line or from the high school guidance office.
  4. Applicants whose native language is not English may be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  5. All applicants are urged to visit the campus and meet with an admissions counselor. Information Session and tours are available daily. To register for a campus visit, go to www.ycp.edu/visit.
  6. A completed student health and medical record form must be submitted prior to July 1st. Forms are supplied by the Health Center and are available on line.
  7. Letters of recommendation, essay or personal statement are optional but highly encouraged.
  8. Home school students seeking admission should follow these recommended procedures:

In addition to the above procedures, home school applicants must submit a description for each course taken through homeschooling and two letters of recommendation, excluding parents or other relatives.  The applicant’s high school diploma must be issued by the school district from which the student is affiliated or a Department of Education state approved agency.  The College will also accept a General Education Diploma (GED).

A request to waive the high school diploma can be made if the student has successfully completed 15 - 18 non-remedial, academic college credits prior to applying.  Courses must have been taken in the following areas: English/Communications, Mathematics, Laboratory Sciences, Foreign Language or Social Science/History.  An official college transcript must be submitted to the York College Admissions Office directly from the college attended.

Applicants are notified by mail and e-mail as soon as all credentials have been received and evaluated. All acceptances are granted on the condition of satisfactory completion of secondary school and appropriate notice to the College of such completion. Acceptance into Music, Music Education, Music Industry and Recording Technology, Fine Art, and Graphic Design are conditional pending the successful completion of a music audition or portfolio review.

Applicants for both the fall and spring semesters are encouraged to pay their deposit as soon as possible. Spaces in some programs such as Nursing, Mechanical Engineering, Respiratory Care and Radiography are limited, so deposits will only be accepted until the programs are full. Because admission to York College for the fall semester is on a rolling basis and both resident and commuter openings for fall fill quickly, we recommend that deposits be received by May 1. Deposits received after May 1 will be accepted contingent upon space availability. The enrollment deposit indicates acceptance of our offer of admission and secures a space in the selected program and term.  Deposits for the fall semester are refundable only if written notification to the Admissions Office is received by May 1. Deposits received after May 1 are not refundable. Deposits for the spring semester are not refundable.

An accepted applicant may defer the acceptance for one academic year. 

Transfer Student Admission

Transfer students add a wonderful dynamic to the classroom and the York College community as a whole.  Transfer students from regionally accredited two-and four-year institutions are welcomed with the required minimum grade point average of 2.0.  A maximum of 75 semester hours will be accepted in transfer from two-year colleges, and students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours at York College to be eligible to earn a degree.

Students seeking admission should follow the following procedures:

  1. Submit a Transfer Application on line at www.ycp.edu/apply.
  2. Furnish all official transcript(s) of previous college work, whether a student has earned credit or not.
  3. A student in academic difficulty at another institution who is denied full time admission to York College is not eligible to apply until they have successfully completed at least nine to 12 credits of coursework at York College (as a non matriculated student) or any other accredited institution, and have earned at least a 2.0 (“C”) in each course taken.
  4. A candidate for a second degree or a second major from York College must complete the requirements for the major plus any additional support courses the department might require. All general education courses are waived.
  5. Graduation with honors will be based on the cumulative GPA earned including transfer credits.
  6. Transfer students are eligible for financial aid at the time of admission.

York College does not currently accept transfer students into the Nursing program unless the applicant is a licensed Registered Nurse.

Admission of International Students

York College welcomes applications from international students. In addition to fulfilling the requirements stated under admissions procedures, international students must submit certified evidence that sufficient funds exist and will be released from the country to cover all educational and living expenses while attending York College. This information is required prior to issuance of an I-20 AB Form by the designated school official to facilitate the student visa application. International students must apply for admission and have all credentials with appropriate English translation forwarded by May 1 for the fall semester and by September 1 for the spring semester.

Admission of Veterans

Any veteran seeking matriculation to York College of Pennsylvania should submit an application to the Admissions Office. Those veterans who are eligible for educational assistance under any of the current GI Bills, as administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, MUST notify the Director of Records to initiate their educational benefits and to ensure that all necessary forms and certificates have been submitted. Re-certification will be required for each subsequent enrollment period. Veterans who may qualify for advanced standing credit should submit a Transfer Application and furnish all previous college transcripts and training records to the Admissions Office for evaluation. A veteran who is eligible for educational assistance benefits may enroll as a non-matriculated student for a maximum of two enrollment periods and still utilize those benefits.For further information relative to Veterans Educational Benefits, please go to: www.ycp.edu/offices-and-services/records/veterans .


Any full time student who misses a second consecutive semester at York College will lose matriculation status and will need to reapply for admission. Also, students who have officially withdrawn through the Dean of Student Affairs Office must reapply to the college.  If the student has attended another institution after leaving York College, the student must submit official transcripts from the college along with the readmission application.  The application must be reviewed by the Admissions Office in order to be readmitted to the college.  There is no fee for the Readmission Application and you can apply on line at : www.ycp.edu/apply

Early Admission during High School

In an effort to provide an opportunity for exceptionally well-qualified high school students to accelerate their studies, York College offers a program through which carefully selected students may be admitted to the College upon completion of the junior year of high school. Students enrolled in this program are admitted as freshmen and, upon successful completion of the freshman year, are granted a high school diploma by their high school, as well as the college credits earned.  Applicants must have the approval of their parents, the high school principal, and be recommended by their guidance counselor, in addition to having a combined SAT score of 1150 (Critical Reading and Math sections only) and a 3.0 cumulative high school GPA. A personal interview is also required.

Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Capable high school juniors and seniors are encouraged to take some college credit courses during their last two years in high school. The experience exposes them to a college environment while they retain important high school social interactions. To be eligible, high school students must obtain a letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor, have earned a 3.0 GPA, and have achieved a minimum of 1000 (Critical Reading and Math sections only) on the combined SAT or 21 ACT composite score. Interested students should contact the Office of Enrollment Management. 

Premedical Scholars/Hershey Medical School Early Admission Program

Premedical Scholars participate in a series of pre-professional development experiences including Family Practice Grand Rounds at York Hospital made possible by the close coordination of York College and York Hospital teaching and research programs. Participants in the Premedical Scholars Program are recommended for admission to the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine at Hershey upon graduation from York College, contingent upon their academic performance at York College, satisfactory interviews, and a competitive Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score. Eligible candidates must achieve a minimum combined SAT score of 1310 or an ACT score of 29, an outstanding secondary school record including strong letters of recommendation, and selection by the York College Premedical Scholars Admissions Committee.

York College of Pennsylvania, York Hospital, and the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine at the Hershey Medical Center cooperatively offer this special early admissions program for exceptionally accomplished high school seniors who maintain high scholarly achievement in college and show a continuing commitment to medicine. Participants must maintain a 3.6 or higher grade point average in science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and mathematics classes with an overall minimum GPA of 3.5 while at York College. Premedical Scholars are interviewed by The Committee for the Health Professionals of York College and, if qualified, are referred to Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine at Hershey for further interviews following the sophomore year. Premedical Scholars recommended for early admission interviews at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine at the Hershey Medical Center are eligible for the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine Early Assurance of Admission Program. Preference may be given to Pennsylvania residents, due to the funding structure of the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.